Sunday, 29 December 2019

Dorset Holiday Durdle Door

We have left West Bay and are heading to Durdle Door campsite for 3 days.

Parked up eventually after an eventful drive , the Terrible Twosome don't seem bothered at all though.

                                       This is what happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Totally Destroyed!

Anyhow we are walking down to the Door for a walk to clear our heads, its still very cloudy but tonight's forecast is looking good .

                                                                 Bat head long exposure

                         Long exposure and B&W conversion   25 seconds with 10 stop nd filter

                                        Time to walkdown to Lulworth to the chippy   .

                                                                          Stair Hole .

                                                           Cant take her anywhere   lol

                                            Now for the long walk back    Arghhhhhhh

I have rushed down to the Door as the clouds are looking very promising for a good sunset,  there are loads of photographers down here .    Climbing up on the mound overlooking both bays I shoot this first image just as the sun is about to sink below the horizon.

I have been keeping an eye on the clouds behind me over Man-O-War bay , and just look at it now .   Fabulous .     f14     70 seconds

Back  to Durdle Door beach , the colour didn't develop as the cloud was too thick but its looking great now,  after all the other photographers have left  !!!!!

Real stormy looking clouds, very dramatic.

The end of a great evening shooting at this fabulous location.  

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