Monday, 23 December 2019

Dorset Holiday September 2019 pt1 West Bay

Early in September we went on holiday down to Dorset,  this was the last holiday with Mollster as it turned out ,as we have lost her after an accident while running on the beach after coming home.

Parked up for an overnight stay near Torquay, the forecast for tomorrow is dreadful though!

                                                        Wonderful light just before sunset.

                           In the morning we have driven into Torquay to visit Kents Caverns.

The "Face"   inside Kents Caven   Torquay ,   it was torrential rain all day so didn't get to walk around the town unfortunately.

                                                                          5dsr, 17-40L

We have now driven down to West Bay for the next step of our travels,  the rest of the day has been torrential rain.    But tomorrow is looking good .
 We are staying for 2 nights  in the holiday park near the marina.

In the morning we are walking along the cliffs and down onto the beach with the Terrible Twosome
The light and clouds are great, I should have brought the drone, but I thought it was too windy!

That was a great morning on the beach,   now for sunset I have come down on my own past the harbour and onto the beach below the fabulous cliffs.

                                                           5dsr  17-40 L  f14  1/5 th second.

I have climbed up to the top of East Cliff to fly the drone , to get the last rays of the setting sun illuminating the mighty cliffs .  Just what i wanted to shoot .

                                                                   21 frame panorama.

Walking back through the marina to go back to the van the sky lit up!  in the wrong place for any other images but quite like this one .

Tommorow we are heading to the Durdle Door campsite for 3 days.

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