Thursday, 22 December 2011

Fairy Glen , snowdonia 28 th Nov

My last trip before Christmas,  another shoot at fairy glen near Betwsy-coed.   It is so difficult to get good light as its a deep gorge and usually only get half hour of nice light early morning!   there was quite a lot of water coming down through the gorge which always makes shooting water trails more difficult!

Here is the first shot i managed, managed a decent water trail shooting at f18  13 seconds exposure, using cokin poloriser and a 2 stop full nd filter.

i then shot down the gorge using 70-300 is,  6 secs at f7.3 @300mm.  love the mistiness of the water!

and another  6 secs at f18  @220 mm

Changing to another position on the rocks, shooting with 100mm L macro

15 secs at f5.3

Then i tried another few water trails shots with 17-40L

this one 10 seconds at f18  @23mm

6 seconds at f18 @ 23 mm

Turning around to shoot downstream across the waterfall

                And a four frame focus stack to increase depth of field,  15 seconds at f22 @40mm

all shot with canon 5d2, 100mmLmacro,70-300 is & 17-40 L

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  1. these are the loveliest pics ive seen, came across y accident x