Monday, 30 December 2013

Tattenhall & Terrible Twosome in Whixall Moss Aug 11th

For a weekend away in the caravan with Jan i drove down to Tattenhall near Chester on Saturday evening,  the weather was looking great still, amazingly! 
After i arrived we took the dogs for a walk down along the canal near the Cheshire ice creme farm , a lovely warm evening for a short walk , the sun was already low as we walked down past the marina, the light was superb :)

walking along the short length of canal  i was surprised at the number of Magpie moths that were around, never seen so many but was too dark to photograph them.   the setting sun produced very little colour unfortunately!

The next morning i decided to take Jan to one of my favourite nature reserves, Whixall Moss in Shropshire which is not too far away.   the birds have finished nesting so dogs are allowed off lead now, BUT  I'm not sure that is entirely a good idea with our Terrible Twosome!!!!!!!  and BOGS!!!!

Not long after arriving i shoot my first Black Darter dragonfly , an old looking male  :)

The paths are formed of peat , with bog pools all over the area where huge numbers of dragonflies abound.   small black darters were numerous along the paths  , but the dogs are just disturbing them so photo opportunities are going to be limited!   

                   Ooops     Mollster has obviously been in a bog and is just climbing out  Arghhhh

Chester has just stupidly fallen in a deep pool!       but i shot a short video clip,   he stinks now!

the Terrible Twosome are now running and rolling in the dry grass trying to dry themselves, so funny.

                           Mollster is lying in the sun now , a short break from the madness  lol

I cant believe what just happened!   Chester was running along the grass covered path and in a cartoon style moment , he ran off the path hung in mid air momentarily then disappeared under a weed filled bog!  it must have looked like more grass  haha
                                                 He pops up out of the water   lol

                                           Im not letting you get out Moll says 

                                        OK then, i will pull you out, as she bites his ear and pulls

                                         there you go Chester , out you come   woof, woof

                                  Thank you Molly for helping me out Chester must be saying :)

                                                     Two totally soaked dogs playing  lol

Carrying on along the paths, i managed to shoot another Black Darter, a female this time

                        and an Emerald Damselfly, pity about the grass stem behind it  

and after following this Male Common Hawker dragonfly up and down a path finally got a shot

                               the end of a short weekend break in Cheshire and Shropshire.

                                          images shot with canon 5d mk2 and 17-40 L

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