Friday, 13 December 2013

Crantock Beach , last day in Cornwall and Chedar Gorge 13/14th july 2013

Today is our last day in Cornwall , the weather has been amazing for the last 9 days , today is no exception and looks like another 30 degrees+ sunny day :)
We have decided to spend the whole day on the beach ,  Crantock is on the North coast near Newquay ,  not far from Holywell,the first beach we visited HERE.   following the sat nav using MY co ordinates we arrived at the wrong beach!!!!   Ooops   any how , 10 minutes later we where in a que for the national trust car park at Crantock bay, which was full!  but a £3 a day field car park was fairly empty so wasn't worth waiting for the free one.   it was just a couple minutes walk over a sand dune until we got our first view of the beach...........


What a superb bay this is, the tide is out and the sand is really beautiful with crystal clear water :)
the river runs into the bay and the opposite side is only accessible at low tide from here.

The dogs are straight into the stream, which we are following out to the bay. Chester is swimming already 

Walking out into the bay, the tide is still going out and i have waded out onto a sand "island" with the dogs. throwing the ball through the deeper water for them.  they are now posing , soaking wet  :)         look at the water clarity!   amazing.

Throwing the ball out and Mollster is swimming    yay!   Chester is looking on in disbelief :)

                                             Here they are fetching the ball having fun :)

they are having a great time, Mol doesn't seem bothered as there are no big waves that she is afraid of

We have been back to the car for lunch and are now back on the beach, the tide is on the turn now

Wading over the stream i have found a very deep rock pool , and Chester jumps in and swims to fetch the ball.

                                   Now i just have to get Mollster to fetch the ball and swim !

Well!   she did try her best , her mouth is not as big as Chesters and not so easy i guess with it floating, thats her excuse anyhow   lol   Chester continues swimming.

                                  Poor Chester , he is soaked to the skin and looking very tired

the tide is rushing in now across the shallow bay so its time to go,  its been a long day but have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.    walking back through pools on the beach the water is quite hot from the sun, and the sand dune we are climbing up is almost too hot to walk on,  reaching the top Chester sits down in a heap!!!!!   he is totally knackered , poor little guy :(       he looks so funny and everyone passing is smiling and laughing at him :D

The end of our Cornwall holiday, we will leave tomorrow for Burnham on sea , then home the following morning,  so sad :(  its been a superb 12 days

its time to pack up now , here is the beautiful secluded camp site we have stayed near St Austell.

the following morning we have driven to the same site at Burnham on sea for a stop over , We are going to visit Chedar Gorge which is not far away this evening.

the sun has gone but the Gorge is very impressive!

                                                                 Mollster in the Gorge :)

                     Back at the caravan the sun is setting on the last evening of our holiday.

                                                             The end of the Holiday!

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