Friday, 2 January 2015

Bug Hunt at Risley Moss 1 st september 2014

A quick trip down to Risley Moss nature reserve today , its a bit windy but it is fairly sheltered at the small meadow area i shoot at .  Dragonfly's are the main target species today.

Arriving at the site  a fast walk down to the meadow are, which is only very small but has loads of insect attracting wild plants/flowers that in turn attract the Dragonfly's , the main species here are the tiny Black Darters.

Unfortunately there are very few flowers open , appears recent rain has flattened most of them , along with loads of other photographers that have been here shooting and created paths through the plants.

                     A Drone hoverfly cleaning itself on one of the few flowers still open :)

                                  I love shooting Back lit spiders :)         the webs are superb
                                           the legs are quite translucent on this orb weaver

       A big hoverfly on my finger :)    its come over quite dull and i think its going to rain so will have to hurry up and find some Dragons, which are noticeable by their absence!

                                                                 another shot of it :)

                              I have eventualy found a pair of Black Darters , and a spider  :)         
                   this image is 5 frames focus stacked to get both spider and the dragons in focus .

                                                   An old  Female Black Darter.

                                         Young Female with her bright colours

                      and that was the last i managed to shoot , its chucking it down now :(

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