Thursday, 29 January 2015

Prague in the snow Jan 7th 2015

Its our last full day in Prague , and Jan is not feeling too well :(     so i am going out on my own this morning.  Will stop off at the two Metro stations i haven't shot yet with the different colours then head to the "Dancing house" down by the river.

 I have taken the Metro to the next station "Muzeum" which is at the top of Wenceslas square , taken this shot and the hopped on the next train to "Mustek"

                                                           Beautiful gold colours at "Mustek" 
  I have to  change over to "B" line to go to "Karlova namesti" which is nearest station to the river and the" Dancing House"

 I have come out of the station into a Blizzard!!!    snow is coming down hard at the moment  , as i walk down the river the air is thick with snow flakes :)

                    My coat is now white with snow as i continue to walk along the river .

                                       Here is the "Dancing House"     how strange!

 Just down the river i have come to an Island "Slovansky Ostrov"   with a beautiful building which has "Zafin" a garden restaurant and caters for functions , weddings ect i think.

Crossing onto the small island i have a walk around the gardens and views towards Prague castle. well its there somewhere  lol.

                                    The Castle is just visible through the snow filled sky.

                                           Looking back to the bridge over to the island :)

I can just about make out "Petrin Tower" over on the hill opposite , will be going up there later today hopefully.

 This is "Legion bridge"  think i will cross the river here and walk right around to" Charles bridge"

Crossing the bridge now, there is an island "Strelecky Ostvo" in the centre of the river with access from this bridge , i would go down for a look around but want to get back to see how Jan is, so better keep moving.

                          The snow has stopped now and getting better views of the castle now.

            I have shot a panorama looking towards Charles bridge and the castle over to the far left, 
                                                                   view Large HERE

                                                            Great views from this bridge :)

                                                                    Trees on the island

On the other side of the river now and walking towards Kamara island ,  "Devils stream" separating 
it from the Lesser town side of the river.
The trees on the right are on another small island "Detsky Ostrov" the boats go through this channel bypassing  the 2 weirs.

                                          Leaving the river and heading across the park now

                    its a bit dull , but the colours on all the buildings would look great in the sun i bet

                        Back across Charles bridge now , its quite busy even in these conditions :)

                          Snow covered Red rooftops :) and  all different colours across the Palaces

                                              Taking a few images as i cross the bridge

                                                      One of the many statues on the bridge!

Now i must quickly get the Metro from "Staromestka"  to "Namestri Miru" which takes about 10 minutes  and then just a 4 min walk to the hotel.

                                Almost at the hotel now  , snow melting now unfortunately

                                                                      Hotel "ANNA"

                                                     We will be back out soon if Jan is ok

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