Friday, 23 January 2015

Prague at night Jan 6th 2015

We have made our way down onto "Manes" bridge , its 3.20 now and there is colour starting to appear in the sunset,  i don't think it will be a good one but any colour will be a bonus with the weather being so changeable.
Walking onto the bridge i start setting up the tripod , and yes you guessed it,  Jan takes out her I-Phone and takes this.......................

                                                 and i missed it!!!!!!!!!   Arghhhhhh  
                                      great cloud and colour and the flock of seagulls
                       Memories of the windmill sunset in Norfolk that i missed      Again :(

Any how , i get set up and take a few ..............    in fact loads but after 15 mins i got this one..

                        i use long lens to get the best colour behind behind Spires in silhouette

 I have been moving around along the bridge taking a few shots , But had to wait until 4.20 ish before i got a few images i like :)

                         using a 10 stop nd filter to smooth out the water i take this image :)

       We have moved a little way around  towards Charles bridge, going down to see the swans........

                         Jan takes this image as i shoot into darkness.   can you see me?   lol

                                                                          Dusk into darkness.

 We quickly make our way to Lesser town tower , to get a view  from high up at dusk ,It costs about £3 to go up the tower , about the same for all of them it seems.    just as we get to the top of the tower, a police car drives onto the Pedestrian only bridge!!!!!!!!!!!   WTF?     can see the blue light streak followed by brake lights . 

                              As the light fades i shoot these images of the Castle/Palace

                                                              view panorama big HERE

                                                         Charles Bridge  , dark now.

                       Looking up towards St Nicholas church from the towers mid level walkway

 After coming down from the tower , walking onto the bridge i stop to try shooting the water mill wheel in "Devils stream"   which separates Lesser town from Kampa island.

                                                  Longish exposure blurs the wheel :)

                                    The Tower we have just come down from on the right.

                                     Here i am shooting the Charles bridge down by the river :)

                       Looking upstream to the National Theatre , beautifully illuminated.
a 10 second exposure used to smooth out the water combined with a 2 second exposure on the buildings for extra sharpness.

 Back on the bridge i shoot the Tower we have just been up with St Vitus Cathedral up on  castle hill behind.

                      I shoot this while walking across the bridge , putting tripod on the wall.
                     the red lights are traffic lights , i tried to get a green one but failed!!!!!!!   Doh!

                                              Photobomb by Jan :D   Arghhhhhh   lol


     Now time to get the reflection image i failed last night when the sleet was blowing into the lens!
        much better conditions tonight ,and i manage to get the wooden groyne and weir in the frame :D

                         a long lens shot of St Vitus Cathedral       Magnificent building!

 Turning back to the river,  a nice wide shot with reflections :)    cant stay any longer , Jan is getting cold waiting for me. she is so Patient :)

 Time to head back now, but a stop off in Old Town Square for a last look at the x mass market which is closing tonight,    i manage to get the Astronomical clock, x mass Tree and Tyn Church all in the one image :)

                               the magnificent spires of Tyn Church and huge x mass tree :)

                           The moon appears through the clouds between the Spires :)   YAY

                        The lights look wonderful on all the buildings and the market stall roofs

the end of  another fantastic day in Prague  , but we are going to get dinner first somewhere in this area before going back to the hotel.  its last full day tomorrow ;(

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