Friday, 9 January 2015

Prague Jan 4-8th 2015 day 1 morning.

 My new years resolution, to be up to date with my blog.  so i will catch up with last years remaining trips after this Prague holiday.  at least i will try :D

Tomorrow is my birthday , so Jan and I are flying to Prague for a few days , we are leaving late Sunday afternoon, arriving at about 7 ish Czech time.

We eventually take off  Twenty minutes late!  just as the sun is setting , unfortunately the beautiful sunset is on the other side of the plane :(   Bummer

                                                  The low sun illuminating the wing :)

 We have arrived on time amazingly  ,  Prague airport transfers will have a taxi waiting for us outside, to take us to the hotel about 45 minutes drive with a fixed price of 550czk  approx £17 which is really good considering the distance and beautiful Merc

 After settling in our room and dinner in a restaurant just around the corner we plan for tomorrow.

Its Monday morning, my birthday :)    we first have to get our 72 hour transport tickets at the Metro station just down the road , these tickets have to be validated once before use and cost 310 kc , then we don't even have to show them when using any of the transport in the city!      its very strange just walking into the stations with no barriers or anything to check tickets. But.....  inspectors do check and if you Don't have a validated ticket an on the spot fine of 900 kc is issued.

Any how, we go down on the longest escalator i have ever been on and this is the platform at "Namesti Miru"      pretty cool looking station :)

 We have only gone one stop to "Muzeum"   which is coloured brown /gold . each train carriage has 4 doors each side that You open when stopped at the station, the acceleration is amazing!  This is the stop at the top end next to the National museum , ( which has been closed for renovation since 2011!    due open 2015/18 i think )   

 This is the Museum, at the top of "Wenceslas Square"  (the largest square in the city) , which is actually long and narrow with another Metro station "Mustek" at the opposite end.

                          a phone panorama has squished the huge building into a strange shape  lol

                               We are walking right down to the next Metro station

 All the pavements in Prague are formed with these granite setts arranged in patterns , they do look good must say .

                         Old tram cars have been turned into a cafe :)   closed in winter it appears.

What a wonderful hotel , all boarded up :(  what a shame , looks in good condition /recently painted.

We have now taken the metro to the next stop "Staromestska" which is near the river and close to Charles bridge and "old town square" which is out next destination. 

                                      Jan snapped this while i was shooting next image :)

           walking down the lovely cobbled streets , lined with small shops and beautiful buildings.

 Here is the outside of "St Nicolas" church in Old town square , doesn't look much on outside but it is being restored with scaffolding up on the front , but inside it is fabulous!

A slightly better view with the front scaffolding

beautiful inside though :)

        Just outside the church is the square , still with a Christmas market,tree and decorations :)

                                               The market stalls in front of Tyn Church

                                                                      Im in this one :)

                                        A superb x mass tree :)    with dripping light tubes :)

 Jan thought she was buying cooked apple slices  , turned out it was sugar/honeyed bread :)   Haha
 the most expensive bread Ever!  Ooops   but tasted nice

        Jut round the corner the crowds are growing to watch the animated  Astronomical clock chime.

                                          Amazing Creation :)  built in 1410  and still works!
         the small figures move and the two windows above the top clock have figures that revolve
                                                                       more info HERE

                                                               movable skeleton figure

  After leaving the crowds around the clock, a walk through the narrow streets  marvelling  the architecture.

                                                                      and sculptures :D

                                                               Watch the Bomb Jan :D

                                                              Love the curved streets :)

An empty street ,  almost!             the side streets off the main square are mainly hotels/resturants i think while the main rows around the square and all the way to the Charles bridge are food,wine,jewellery , gifts ect and is very busy indeed.

 Time to leave the streets and head to the famous Charles Bridge and views of the Castle for the afternoon.

                                   pics taken with canon 450d, htc one and i-phone 6 mobiles

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