Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Nuthatch Fun in Cannock Chase march 17th 2014

Another trip to Cannock Chase today ,  the weather forecast is not great yet again , but will be ok for the most part .  arriving at about 9 o'clock its just a short walk into the woods to the large fallen trees where the Nuttys come down to feed :)

the first thing I'm going to do is put out a few broken peanuts in the thick moss that's on one of the trees nearby , a favourite spot for them.   it has only been a minute or so and two arrive above me and come down immediately to pick up the food .

Look at this one , cheeky bird has found the peanuts i stuffed into a hole in the dead tree about 15 ft away , it must have been watching me put them in as i arrived  lol

      I have managed to get a portrait as it landed on the wood above the hole :)      beautiful colours

                               Mollster is quite happy watching me from behind.

        A stump on the dead tree has also had peanuts stuffed into the bark, quite hard to try slow down the "theft"   lol     the light is really nice now , shining through the trees at a low angle.

                                                   got lucky with these two images!

 i have watched them landing on this stump for ages now, but its very difficult getting good sharp images as they are such fast little birds. 

                                      I have just noticed this one in a large tree above me

 The sun is higher now and giving different light to the backgrounds , lighting up the moss on a tree behind which looks quite nice .

That will be my final image for the day , the sun is being blocked by trees now and this area is getting a bit dark.  its been a good morning shooting and watching these fascinating little birds .

                                       all shot with canon 5d mk2 and 100-400 L

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