Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Sunsets again 26th april 2014

Another trip to the lighthouse ,  unfortunately i have arrived a bit too late but the light is not looking great, a few clouds are moving so i quickly set up with the 10 stop nd filter to record some cloud movement ,  a 90 second exposure combined with a 62 sec one to produce this image.

 the tide just isn't right, i am not getting any good slow exposures and as the sky has cleared except on the horizon behind the wind farm i get out my 100-400mm and shoot a couple of long shots which have good colour impact.
                                                            a two frame panorama first

                                                                     Sun going down!

never mind, i got three good images and will head home as i am going on a bug hunt tomorrow to Shropshire for butterflies and other bugs hopefully.

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