Monday, 28 July 2014

Perch Rock Sunsets april 24 2014

 Tonight there is a high tide down at Perch Rock lighthouse at New Brighton on the Wirral . i time it to get there an hour before sunset and hopefully do some long exposure images.

                    starting with a 90 second exposure at f18 iso 100 as its still fairly bright.
   all these long exposure images are combined of 3 or 4 separate frames of different exposures

Think i will try a longer one without the lighthouse in the frame 

143 secs at f18 iso200

         tide is almost at its highest now       148 secs at f18  iso 200  my favorite image of the evening

               a much cooler look now as the sun gets near the horizon.  214 seconds  f18 iso 200

Time to use long lens to focus on the windfarm , i will take a few shots as the sun sets beneath the horizon.  its amazing how the light changes quickly as the sun goes down , the colour temperature goes from red to a cooler blue as in the last frame

                                                               Orangy red first

                                         pinky red hues now as the sun is beneath horizon

                                                                         cooler blue now

                that was an good evening shooting , will probably be back in a couple days i think.

                                    all shot with canon 5d mk2 , 17-40 L  AND 100-400L

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