Monday, 28 July 2014

Harlech holiday april 18-21

A long weekend in mid wales with Jan and the Terrible twosome in a campsite near Harlech at Llandanwg .  just 2 mins walk from the caravan and we are on the beach , a bit rocky but a small sandy area is enough for the dogs to play in :)

 its a beautiful campsite field with great views over to the mountains in the distance.

                                              looking towards the Snowdonian mountains

                                                                  All wet and posing !

 We have driven down to Harlech beach for the evening and hopefully a sunset , only a short drive and a walk through the sand dunes we are on the beach, the low setting sun is giving glorious golden light . its quite warm and Mollster and Chester are knackered very quickly .

                                   a sand sculpture on the beach  , how cool is that 

                                                                 Chester's ears :D

                                  the sunset is not too bad but not enough cloud to colour up :(

                                                                           Jan silhouette  lol

 The following morning Jan wants to go up into the mountains to a place she has been before ,  I'm not liking the very narrow single track lanes i must admit!    when we eventually reach the car park, look at the view ......  Llyn Cwm Bychan

                  a nice walk up into the hills first then lunch before moving to a waterfall walk

                                                How did you get out their pups?  lol

                                                                          the waterfalls

Back at the caravan park in the late afternoon i take the dogs to the beach and on the way back have just found this Nomada bee , i rush back to get my mpe-65 macro lens to shoot it,   its sitting on a fence post .

                    its in the shade so is cold and cannot fly, so...     on my finger to warm up :D

on Harlech beach again with a more promising sunset looking likely , light on the dogs is wonderful

                                                         a happy  Mollster portrait

                                                  Sunset Panorama -  view larger  HERE

The next morning , our last day we are going to see the castle , its a beautiful blue sky day yet again .  we do seem to get good weather when we go away :)

                                               a last shot looking down on the beach :)

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