Friday, 4 July 2014

Snowdon walk with Mollster march 3rd 2014

A quick trip around the mountain lakes beneath Snowdon with Mollster today, after just over an hours drive i am looking at the famous view of Snowdon over Llynnau Mymbyr at Capil curig.  never tire of seeing this view and the first glimpse of the weather conditions on the mountain.

after paying the rip off car park charge at pen-y-pass we make our way up the pyg track , Mollster poses looking down Llanberis valley.

looking back to the car park rapidly disapearing into the distance as we gain height , its a fairly easy path even in deep snow but today i can make fast progress.

Crib Goch is ahead but this path passes to the lower left side with superb views across Llyn Llydaw and Snowdon herself.

                                         here is the view mentioned above across the lake

                                                            Posing yet again Mol ?

                                                stunning panorama  view large HERE

                                            This is one of my favourite views up here :)

 having reached the viewpoint above Glaslyn with Snowdon summit behind with a good covering of snow still (   MARCH 2014 )     Mollster is doing what she does best :)

                                             Come on hurry up she must be thinking!


 having reached the bottom of the zig zags , i take the path back down to Glaslyn to meet the Miners track to go back. it looks amazingly clear with the sun shining down into the deep water.

                         paddling time for Mol , it must be really cold standing in there!!!!!!

     a last view before the steep track down to Llyn Llydaw , come on Mol  that's enough paddling

                        beautiful weather today, clear views all around for a change.

Down at Llyn Lldaw where the path goes around the lake and over a causeway between the two lakes

we are now on the final long flat stretch of the miners track that goes straight back to the car park

                                                              Welsh Mountain Goat :)

                                                         final image of the Mollster :)

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