Sunday, 23 December 2018

Autumn Colours The Dream and Delamere Nov 12th

Its early November , the Autumn colours are now looking great, so I have decided to drive up to Roddlesworth woods near Blackburn and then come back home via "the Dream" statue and then either Marbury country park or Delamere.

Arriving at Roddlesworth I immediately know I'm too late, all the leaves have already dropped.   It is also very windy so cant even get the drone up,  but I have gone for a walk anyhow just in case I see anything worth a shot.

                                   My favourite waterfall, trees completely devoid of leaves!

                             I will just go back to the car now, pointless staying here any longer.

I have driven back down the m6 , all the matrix signs are saying severe delays at junction 20, luckily I get off before there.        By the time I arrive the sky is all blue but still very windy.
The phone app is showing 22mph wind speed and gusts 48-52 mph at 200ft     this is the highest wind speed I have attempted to fly in.

               The drone is up, no problem with the high winds so far, but I will not go too high .
                                            The cloud is really nice at the moment.

                                                                A Topdown image .

                   The trees are looking great, a good mix of tree species have been planted here .

                                                      Finally a Vertorama.  7 frames merged.
Its actually been a lovely morning , the colours are fabulous and the high wind has not caused any problems.   Now I think due to the delays on the m6 head head to Delamere on the way home.

                                       A phone shot of this strange statue, great sky behind .

Now I have arrived in Delamere, a quick walk down to the large beech trees to find a decent amount of colour but most have already dropped there leaves unfortunately.

Finding a small clearing I quickly take the drone up for a few shots,  keeping it mainly straight up above me.

Now to go for a walk to see what I can find ,  one of many small pools I have come across , but the tree trunks are being lit up by the low setting sun,  so maybe this will be a good location to have a last drone shoot.

Straight up over the lake, a multi frame Vertorama cropped to a square.  the dead tree stumps standing out against the dark water.

              Flying low across the pool to get a clear shot of the sunlit trees, a 9 frame panorama.

                                                   Topdown over the top of the pool edge.

That's it,  all the batteries are used and the sun is getting low, so time to walk back to the car and head home after a really good day shooting.

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