Friday, 21 December 2018

Hodge Close Quarry the Lakes Oct 22 nd

Today I am going up to the Lakes again,   Hodge Close Quarry in the Langdale area is my destination as I have never been before.  The route looks fairly simple to get to anyhow, not far from Tilberthwaite .   The weather forecast is looking ok for the morning, a bit iffy for the afternoon though.
After a trouble free drive up the m6 and through Langdale I have arrived in the car park,  it looks really interesting here , autumn colours starting to turn and a bit of blue sky although a tad windy!

Time to get the drone up first , and straight out towards the Tilberthwaite Fells in the distance , I think!
                                                   a 9 frame panorama to start with.

      Topdown over a disused Quarry , the piles of stone in strips clearly visible, similar to just in front of me stretching out like fingers.

                   Now for a multi image panorama showing the above image in its entirety.

               Topdown of the Quarry buldings , nice side lighting at the moment from the rising sun.

      A 9 frame Vertorama showing the buildings and another large Quarry in the middle of image.

           Bringing the drone back now, and from behind me to show the Hodge Close Quarry in its                                surroundings, a 7 frame Vertorama. I will take a look around there later today.

                                                   Topdown with light on the tree tops.

Time to go walking , I will follow the path down into the valley and towards the large quarry shown in some of the earlier images.  Hopefully I will get to Cathedral caves in Little Langdale.

                                Another small quarry, plenty of danger signs around this one.

After a good walk I have eventually found my way to the large quarry , the light is really nice on these trees.

Now to walk around this quarry to get over to the opposite side of the ridge to Cathedral caves.

                                                       Cathedral Cave, magnificent!

Little Langdale has a beautiful old pack horse bridge, "Slater bridge" and it must be very close to where I am , according to google maps. A short walk and I can see it, and its just started to rain!  where did that come from  Doh!     B&W conversion is the only option here.

                 A long exposure using the Lee big stopper, a 10 stop nd filter  on my 17-40L
                                                                    115 seconds  f14

                     and 61 seconds f8 as a comparison,   could not choose which I like best.

                         Time to head back to Hodge Close Quarry now...…………
I have walked around the top of the Quarry ,  looking across to Wetherlam and the Old man of Coniston  behind.   I think!
4 frames merged  5dsr. The drizzle has stopped and blue sky approaching so I will get the drone up for a couple more images of this Quarry now.

                              A Topdown multi image shot showing the entire Quarry.

                                                And now a couple more Vertorama images.

It is clouding over again rapidly and the wind has really picked up so I think its time to head home after a fabulous day in the Lakes.

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