Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Crich Tramway Museum & Quarry Sunset Sept 2018

This morning we are going to visit the Crich Tramway museum, it is an outdoor village with old trams running from the village to the old quarry station along with a couple of museums.  This is an unexpected bonus at the end of our Norfolk holiday.

                                                              This is a tram from Prague

We have taken a tram to the far end to walk around the sculpture park,the fair was one old penny :)  the station is being renovated at the moment.

                         Into the park,  Jan is doing what she normally does with Statues   lol

                                                            Chester doesn't look impressed!

Enough of the fun, now at the stone maze sculpture , I want to get an image of this topdown from the drone tonight.  should look great with side lighting.

           The memorial up on the top of the hill overlooks the quarry , I will go up there tonight.

                               Phone panorama of the stained glass inserts in the stone pillars.

                               O dear, another statue,  no too sure which one is Jan !    haha

                                      This bridge was moved from a stately home.

                                           This is the single deck tram we rode on earlier.

                                   Sitting down eating chips, Chester wants some as usual.

                                                            Tram framed by the Bridge.

After a great day I have left Jan and walked up to the top of the quarry to the Sherwood Foresters Memorial tower, its fairly windy but im going to fly the drone anyway,  sunset is only half hour away and its looking fairly promising .

                                                          Multi image Vertorama

Topdown over the maze sculpture that we walked around earlier this morning, I have just caught the last of the light hitting the stones.

                    The cloud has built up in a long line, hopefully this will turn colour at sunset.

                Red clouds now as I fly out over the quarry to look back towards the monument.

         Fabulous colour!   but the sun has set behind cloud so no colour in the opposite direction.

                               The end of a great stopover on the way home from Norfolk

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