Monday, 24 December 2018

Autumn in Snowdonia Nov 18 th

This morning I am heading into Snowdonia in search of Autumn colour, starting  in the forests near to Trefriw.  Having driven down to Llanwrst and turned over the bridge towards Trefriw and then the road through the forest .     I have stopped at the Hafna mine , the old building ruins might make for a good image or two from above.

                                                                  8 frame Vertorama

                                                            2 frames merge Topdown

                                                                     Single frame f5.6

Time to move on , this road eventually comes out by the "Ugly house"   but half way along there is a turn off towards Cors Bodgynydd nature reserve , a location I have previously been shooting Dragonflies and Damselflies.  Further on are a couple of large mountain lakes, I will try one of those I think.    Eventually I have come to Llyn Geirionydd , this will be a great location to shoot from high up .

I have set up near the car park on the edge of the lake, and will fly the drone down to the far end to have a look around at the maximum height allowed of 400ft

                                                A simple 2 frame image to start with .

                                                                    9 frame Vertorama

                 This one is a cropped 21 frame 180 dgree panorama, with the left hand end cut off.

The battery is almost down to the warning , so a quick topdown image of the trees on the opposite side of the lake from where I am standing.

Time to head off again , I think a drive down into Betws-y-Coed and have a look around see what I can find.     I have stopped of over the road from Fairy Glen, just by the river. since I only have half a battery left it will be a quick 10 minute flight.

             Looking down the valley, Betws -y is just around the corner to the left out of sight.

           Lovely colours still being lit up by the sun directly in front of me high up on the hill side.

                       I have shot a couple of closer images , love the light on the trees in these.

The end of another great day shooting.

            all images shot with Dji Phantom 4 pro drone .

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