Tuesday, 18 December 2018

The Lake District Ullswater drone Oct 1 st

A trip up to the Lakes today , having  decided to head towards Ullswater, a lake I have never really looked around before.     Driving over Kirkstone pass and down to Brotherswater, I have walked along to the lake but there is no light and not much colour in the trees yet.  So a quick 7 frame Vertorama from the drone looking down the valley towards Hartsop.

Now after the short drive down to Glenridding , I have parked on the road as it will only be half an hour stop here for a quick flight out over the lake .
                               The sheltered bay gives nice reflections around the boats.

I have spotted the launch approaching the jetty , a quick increase in height to get this image with the ripples across the water behind the boat.   After a few more not very good shots I have decided to drive further down the lake , stopping off at Aira force waterfall on the way down  but the images just didn't work today.

So continuing down to the end of the lake past the boathouse , around through Pooley Bridge and along the narrow road running along the lake shore.  I found a parking stop and set up the drone on the lake shore.
                         Flying straight out over the lake across to the opposite side.

                                                    This is a cropped 9 frame panorama.

Two 9 frame panoramas , shot using the automated panorama feature in the drone and stitched in Lightroom . which is not the best as it loses too much fine detail compared to PTGui stitcher but as my pc has died I have to make do with Lightroom for now.

Time to head back to the Duke of Portland Boathouse ,  just to shoot a couple of long exposure images.   there is no decent light unfortunately.

                      5dsr , 17-40L    Lee big stopper 10 stop nd to smooth out the water surface.
                                                           30 seconds  f14   iso 100

The wind has now increased so no more drone flying today and the cloud has come over , I have stopped off at Castle Rigg stone circle near Keswick but it has gone really dull so I have decided to head home now.  another couple weeks the trees should start turning colour properly.

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