Thursday, 5 March 2015

Aberglaslyn Gorge Snowdonia oct 20th 2014

The weather forecast is not looking good, but its going to be mainly dry this morning so a trip to Aberglaslyn gorge seems a good idea. I have never been before but seen some interesting photos.
 Its a long drive to Beddgelert and then a short drive up the valley to the national trust car park at the top of the gorge section.

A short walk through the woods and i have come to the River , this is one of my first images , probably by favourite from today.
                                                                  1.6 seconds f14

                            Continuing up the river, the track is very uneven and very slippery.  

                                                                           1/2 second f9

                                           a scramble over a few big boulders to get this shot.
                                                                          1/4 second f11

                      A wooden bridge, which Mollster doesn't like , Any bridge come to think  lol

        I have passed the very narrow slippy wall section and am looking up river towards Beddgelert
                                                       Get out of the way Mollster!!!!!!

                                                                          2 seconds f14

                                    Its starting to rain, so time to turn around and go back.

  Shooting downstream looking into the gorge in the distance.  think the trees need another week or so to develop full colour.

 But some of the trees have already turned colour and fallen , Larch needles make good foreground interest in this composition.

                                                Arghh come on stop posing Mol ,Get out of the way!

                                                 A slightly closer composition of same view.
                                                                       0.6 second f16

         Back to the same view as earlier , but shot with slightly longer shutter speed   1.3 seconds f18.

it is now chucking it down , so rushing back through the woods to the car.  its been a good day shooting a new location.

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