Monday, 2 March 2015

Perch Rock Long Exposures and Sunsets sept/oct 2014

A few various images from  2014 , using a 10 stop nd filter to give long exposures.
 The first shot at Perch Rock lighthouse at New Brighton , high tide with a storm approaching.

September 29 th Early in the afternoon i went down to New Brighton for the high tide , the weather was a bit iffy but with a storm coming across the Dee estuary from north wales it gave some dramatic conditions for a few minutes :)

                                                                    119 seconds at f16

                              A few days later in the evening i was back to shoot the sunset .

                                                                     89 seconds f16

                                                                          180 seconds f16

                                                                           44 seconds f14

                               An evening walk up over Thorstone hill overlooking North Wales.

                West kirby marine lake , Looking at Talacre lighthouse over on the North Wales coast.

                   On the beach after the tide has gone out at West Kirby looking at Hilbre island.

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