Friday, 27 March 2015

Crosby Sunset at Antony Gormleys "Another Place" 23 march 2015 pt2

  Next stop is Crosby beach , to hopefully shoot sunset around the Antony Gormleys "Another Place" beach sculptures.   After seemingly driving around in circles  we have arrived on the promenade , time for a walk on the beach to see which will be the best statues to photograph when the sun starts to set.
       The Terrible Twosome are a bit confused!    Mol went up to this one wagging her tail !  lol

                                Haha   Chester thinks this one is a real person with a shirt on :)

After walking along the beach to the end of this section of promenade, we walk back to the car. its almost time to get my tripod out and find a good location to shoot from . I want to get reflections in water around a statue but it is fairly breezy and the pools left around the statues are quite rippled :(

            The low sun has illuminated the Edge of the channel with two statues in the background.

                                  I am crouching down low to get the sun behind the statue .

I thought this winding stream would make a good lead in to the composition when i spotted it from high up on the promenade.   and with the low setting sun it looks really good . 

                        While i moved closer in to shoot Jan has shot me along with a statue :)

                                                                             "Find Phil"

 This is the image i have just shot , as the sun was setting to the right, using my long 100-400  lens to fill the frame with colour around the Windfarm and statue :)

                    Now a wide angle with normal shutter speed showing the ripples on the water .

 And now with the Lee big stopper and 0.6 nd grad filters to give a long shutter speed to smooth out the water a bit.

                         My last image , the sun has set but no further colour has developed  :(

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