Friday, 13 March 2015

Perch Rock and Marine Lake Sunset Reflections 17/24th Nov 2014

                    A few long exposure images , firstly from a trip to Perch Rock, Again  lol

                                       High tide over the breakwater and a lovely blue sky :)

                                                                16 seconds  f16 iso 100

 The tide has started turning , it is flowing across the rocks sideways , this has given a silky flow all over the breakwater :)

                                                               59 seconds  f16  iso 100

 Shot with 100-400mm L   on tripod and 10 stop nd filter , the seagulls are ghosted as they moved around a bit  .

                                                              63 seconds  f18  iso 100

I have gone down to West Kirby Marine lake to shoot the sunset  , it looks like it might be a good one , and it is flat calm for a change :)   
I have walked around the top end near the landing stages , and the sky is colouring up nicely .

                                                                    61 seconds  f14  iso 100

                                               This is one of my favorite images of 2014.

                                                               90 seconds   f14  iso 200  

A few days later im back at the marine lake, the sun is still illuminating the lake side buildings and its like a mirror again :)      the water level is really high leaving the landing stage like an island.

           The sky is looking very interesting now , a long exposure gives it a streaky appearance .

                                                               120 seconds  f14  iso 100

                                         As the sun sets the sky has gone all weird  lol

                                                              57 seconds   f14  iso 200

It hasn't coloured up much unfortunately , and now it has set there is a tinge of colour in the clouds.

                                                           127 seconds  f14  iso 200

My final image , it is getting quite dark and for a few moments a decent bit of colour appeared , by luck i was in the middle of a long exposure image :D

                                                           184 seconds  f14  iso 200

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