Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Fairys and Waterfalls oct 13 2014

A trip into Snowdonia today,   I think a shoot at Fairy Glen first while its bright and sunny , thick cloud forecast for later this afternoon.

I love this location , the colour of the wet moss on the gorge wall is amazing , so fresh and vibrant!
clambering down onto the rocks , i set up tripod and experiment with loads of different shutter speeds which gives smooth silky water and trails.

                                            25 seconds f14  iso 100 using 17-40L lens.

                                                                      6 seconds f16

                                                                       4 seconds f14

                            Moving further back and using a long lens to shoot into the gorge
                                                          13 second f11  using 100-400 L

                                                             122 seconds f9  No sun!

Time to go now , i am going to drive up the Ogwen valley to shoot the waterfalls , its gone quite dull now  , but that will be ok for waterfall shots.

Parking at the Ogwen cottages , i cross the bridge and over the Pen-yr-ole -wen side of the river to shot across with Tryfan in the background.

                                                                        5 seconds f14

                                                                 3.2 seconds  f14

     Walking further up to the Llyn Ogwen weir ,  a good subject for black/white conversion.

                                                                       5 seconds f18

                                                           And a wide view  0.8 second

                                                                     1/25 th second.

        a quick shot of the waterfall by the Idwal bridge, i have photographed it hundreds of times
                                                                        0.4 second  f11

the end of a good day out , almost time for autumn colours now, may go to Aberglaslyn gorge next week to see how the colours are.

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