Thursday, 12 March 2015

Fireworks nov 5 and 8th 2014

Its bonfire week , first its Bebington firework night  on the 5th november , its a small park and so crowded it is going to be difficult getting a good position , So   i stay away from the crowd and have found a view that hopefully will be framed by the trees either side.

                                             Managed to get good starbursts in this frame :)

Zooming in and moving position slightly , this is the best image from tonight , the Trees are silhouetted against the firework superbly :)

                                                 Another favorite to finish the evening.

On Saturday evening its the West Kirby lifeboat firework display on the marine lake , same as last year it is blowing a gale and the fireworks are being blown and bent as they go up ,  so i have just merged a few different frames together into one single image :)

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