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North Yorkshire Waterfalls 27 th oct 2014

 Today , as the trees have turned colour i am on my way up to North Yorkshire to photograph some of the waterfalls.

First stop after a long 2 + hour drive into Yorkshire  to Wensley Dale   is Cotter force , after parking and walking along the track in the rain to the waterfall,  it is a bit disappointing  , hardly any tree colour!    bummer.  

I think this falls looks better with much less water falling down , we have had a lot of rain and the rivers are full of peat stained water!

Now to continue down the A684  to Aysgarth falls , which comprise of lower,middle and higher force falls,  Obviously!
I have decided to pay for just 2 hours parking , this way i can go find another falls afterwards , which if i spend too long here i will not have time before dark.
Walking through a graveyard and then down to the road over the river.  i turn left to go to Higher force falls first , with Mollster in tow after a fast walk ,this is the falls i come to :)

                                                                      1/5 th second f14

Experimenting with exposure times to give different water movement , with this amount of water short shutter speeds are giving the best "movement" in the water.  1/4 second f14

                                                                        Mollster posing :)

                                                                        1.3 seconds f18

Now i have walked all the way  to Lower force , much wider river here and difficult to prevent sky blowing out.

             Its a raging torrent , peat stained water turning more colourful with longer exposures.

                                                                            1/4 second  f14

                                                                          1/2 second  f14

                          This is my fav point of view , shooting low to the ground   1/5 sec  f14

I'm running out of time, need to rush back to the car before my time is up!     No time to see the Middle falls :(    Back at the car with 8 minutes to spare, I'm looking on the map for another falls close by , West Burton is nearest i think , so that's the next and last destination.   its starting to get quite overcast now and i think rain is imminent!
 Arriving at West Burton , i miss the turn off and drive around the village Twice!  Doh!
 Eventually i take the correct turn off and get the only available parking spot left   Phew!  a 2 minute walk and I'm at the falls, One of the most beautiful falls i have been to.

                                                                       8 seconds f18

                                                        From the other side  1 second f14

                                           and now perched on a rock in the middle of the falls )

                                                                           6 seconds f14

                                                                       4 seconds f14

                                                                     A Wide view

                        Its raining now , but first a shot from behind the water fall in a cave:)

What a great day ,now to drive back in the dark in pouring rain along narrow windy Yorkshire roads !

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