Sunday, 27 October 2019

Bedruthan Beach and Hartland Quay

Our last morning at the Bedruthan campsite, this afternoon we are heading back into Devon to Hartland ,hopefully to shoot a sunset .

Time for a last run on the beach for the Terrible Twosome.

The tide is out but on its way in, so the waves are getting bigger out past the shallow water . not that the dogs care.

                                                  The Drowned Rat look for Mollster.

                                                         Mad looking Chester,  haha

                                 Just cannot keep her out of the water, even when on the lead!

                                            The steps,   a long steep way up to the top now.

They are drying off in the sun, both knackered by looks of it.  We will be leaving late afternoon to get to Hartland an hour or so before sunset.

We have now driven up into Devon to Hartland Quay , I want to photograph sunset before we head home tomorrow.

                                                There is a old ship wreck in the car park.

Up with the drone now as its about half hour before sunset,  nice light with thin cloud diffusing the sun at the moment.

                                                           A five frame Vertorama.

                                                      Low altitude shot of the same area.

                               Hartland Point lighthouse is over on the far left in this image.

Out over the sea looking across the bay over the hotel and looking towards st Catherine's tor in the middle of the image.  5 frame Vertorama .

                                           Full 9 frame panorama of this stunning coastline.

                             There are some big waves hitting the rocks in front of the hotel.

Vertorama of the rock formations . The sun has almost set now, so time to land and get the dslr camera out for some long exposure images.

I have set up the dslr out now for a few images but don't think the sunset is going to come to much, and the tide is way higher than I needed to shoot the rock strata in front of the hotel.

                                                                      15 seconds  f14

One last image ,i couldn't get down to where i had planned so this is shot from the wall above the beach.

That is the end of a fabulous holiday in Devon and Cornwall...…………….

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