Sunday, 13 October 2019

Cornwall Holiday Crantock beach the Kelsey Head july 14 th

It is Sunday morning, and as its going to be very busy down on the beach on this warm sunny day we have driven  down to Crantock beach early before it gets busy , the tide is on the turn so its a long walk out to get to the waterline across the sands.     This is a stunning Cornish beach , with crystal clear shallow water  and the dogs love it !

Finally after negotiating the stream and all the sandhollows we are at the sea,   the Terrible Twosome are straight in the water swimming.

                                                                           Mad spanner!

Chester is going way out after the ball, the waves are getting bigger as the tide is now on the way in.

The tide is racing in over the shallow sand, and we are walking backwards while knee deep in the waves .   Look at the water clarity, amazing!

                                                                         Drowned Rat!

Time to go now, they have had a good long time in the sea, now to go back to the campsite for the afternoon.

                                                  They don't look like they want to leave!
There is already a que to get into the NT carpark, and getting the van up the narrow lane with loads of cars was a bit of a struggle, good job we came early!

Its early evening now, time to walk down across the Kelseys and get a drone flight in over Poly Joke and west Pentire head.
Its a nice easy walk from the Crossroads campsite over to the headland and the beach locally known as PolyJoke, its a warm evening with only a slight breeze.

Up with the drone, Over to  the left is Pentire and Crantock, with Fistral just visible in the distance behind ,West Pentire head and PolyJoke beach in front.

                                   The Chick Island in front of Kelsey head.  9 frames merged

                               A different perspective of the same view.    9 frames merged.

                         5 frame Vertorama , lovely cloud but it isn't colouring up unfortunately.

                                              Topdown over the edge of Poly joke beach.

                                               Crantock on the left , Poly Joke on the right.

                               Another 5 frame Vertorama ,  not sure It has worked to well.
                                                   But it shows Crantock beach well.

I'm out of batteries , a quick shot of the sunset which has suddenly coloured up momentarily before losing all the colour completely within a couple of minutes!

The end of another great day in Cornwall...…………….

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