Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Cornwall Holiday Glendurgan gardens Mevagissey july 11 th

This morning we have left Bedruthan and driven down to the south coast to Glendurgan Gardens, one of the few we haven't visited before.   It is National Trust so as members we can park for free.  We have parked under a large tree so we can leave the Terrible Twosome in the van and it should stay cool for them.

Fabulous tree ferns in small groups , these southern Cornwall valleys have superb micro climates that allow sub tropical plants to be grown without winter protection.

Half way down the valley are we have come out into the open ,Huge Gunera leaves  and Astilbe  flowers glowing in the sun.

                         The famous maze , this is the best view from the hill side opposite.

                                                              More fabulous tree ferns .
                                                        The Common Dixonia Antarctica .

                                                 A Black tree fern  Cyathea Medullaris

                         With slender black trunk compared to the common Dixonia species

                                                  Did I expect this?    of course I did    lol

               It has been a great morning, now to get back to the dogs and continue our journey.

We are now parked up on Pendennis Point near Falmouth, The castle is behind us , time to explore the headland.

Artillery still in place overlooking the estuary mouth.  there is another castle on the opposite side of the estuary.

                                         Part of the old gun emplacements and look out towers

We are walking around the moat, it is a dry one fortunately.  the castle is national heritage so we will not pay to go in.

Time to move on again , heading to Mevagissey where we can stay overnight in the main car park as they have dedicated motorhome parking .  The weather has changed and is clouding over fast with drizzle in the air, that wasn't forecast!

A walk around the harbour first, before chippy dinner.

                Seagulls are getting so fearless everywhere , constantly on the hunt for chips!!!!

Its not a great evening for walking unfortunately , the harbour always looks great with all the house colours shining bright in the sun.

                                     Its started raining so back to the van for the evening.

Early next morning the sun is out, we are leaving before 10 so a walk around the harbour with the dogs before we leave.

                                                          So much nicer than last night .

Time to leave now, we are heading to our normal campsite Crossroads at Cubert near Holywell bay, Newquay  for 3 days .

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