Thursday, 3 October 2019

Cornwall Holiday Terrible Twosome on Bedruthan Steps july 2019

After leaving Clovelly we have now driven down into Cornwall to Bedruthan Steps, the campsite is on the fields right above the fabulous beach.  this is my favourite location in Cornwall.
      Its is absolutely stunning!
We are going to stay here for a couple of days before moving on.    After a lazy afternoon and a walk along the cliff tops with the dogs, I have come out to photograph the sunset ,  there is unfortunately no cloud but hopefully the rocks will get illuminated by the low setting sun, and I will have a quick drone flight also.

                                                                         5dsr  17-40L    

Time to get the drone up,  the light has not been very good and is fading fast, but I have managed to get a couple of quick images before it went completely.

                                                                Sunset over the van .

The next morning its looking like its going to be a beautiful day, High tide was about 3 hours ago, the beach is only accessible at low tide , so we should just be ok to get down now at just before 8 am,   I am going to take the camera with the 100-400mm lens to try and get some good action shots of the Terrible Twosome, its been ages since I last did a proper shoot with them .

The tide is quite a bit higher than i had predicted so not sure if we will be able to get down on to the beach yet.

                                      The Terrible Twosome cant wait to get onto the beach.

                                          Down onto the beach they go...………….

                        The sun is out now , blue sky and bright light will be good for action shots.

We are now on the beach , the tide is too high to walk around to the main section of beach so we need to clamber through the wet dark tunnel that comes out with this view of the beach.....
Mollster is waiting for us.

                                                        Chester is running to find us...

                                  Straight into the sea , what a stunning beach this is .

                We must be the first people through onto this beach, only Jan's footprints to be seen!

Time to get the camera out, 5dsr with the 100-400mm L …………  here are the best images from a couple of hundred shot   f8 iso 320

Back off the beach now,  the tide is fast revealing the sand now.   its 8.45 am and it will be getting busy here within  the next hour   so I think I will go and get the drone to get some  images while its still fairly quiet.

That's the end of an early morning photoshoot with the terrible twosome .

As it turns out, a couple of days before writing this blog, (I am a bit behind as usual)  we have lost Mollster,  she slipped while running on to the beach and fractured/slipped a disk in her spine and her back legs were paralyzed.    
It has been extremely hard editing these images of her so soon but she had a fabulous life and we have some amazing memories of her.     This was the last photoshoot of the two of them together using the camera , so glad I decided to do this on that day.


  This is the last dslr image i shot of her , on the headland at Holywell bay later in this weeks holiday.

                                   We are Devastated      RIP my beautiful Girl  27 . 9 .19

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