Sunday, 6 October 2019

Cornwall Holiday Bedruthan Steps july 10 th

After a great photo shoot on the beach with the Terrible Twosome, I have rushed back to the van to get the drone while its still quiet.   The light is very nice  early in the morning ,blue sky but still deep shadows while as the sun is low behind me to the left.  I can only really shoot to the right to keep the light even across the image .

Here are a series of images looking up the coastline of this fabulous location.

                                                                            Single frame

  This Vertorama is 5 x 5 frame aeb frames merged which has covered the lights to darks very well.

                                                              Topdown over the stacks

              Taken from out over the sea to show the entire coastline and fields.  9 frames merged.

                                                                    7 frame vertorama

              Topdown over the steps, between the narrow gully which is the way down to the beach.

                                                                  6 frame vertorama

That was a great flight ,  now time to take the dogs for a walk to dry them off from their early morning walk.

                                  We have walked right down to the far end peninsula.

                     Chester is looking tired now  , any shade and he is sheltering from the sun.

         Now for a rest this afternoon , then another beach walk when the tide has gone out tonight.

                           Its a bit dull tonight for another walk right along to the furthest beach .

                                     On the bottom large beach now, a good run for them.

                             Waiting for me to throw the ball, as usual Chester starts barking!

                                               So many pools for them to jump in  lol

                                                            A good arch to run through.

                                             A very tired Terrible Twosome cooling off.....

The end of another fabulous varied day in Cornwall, tomorrow we are moving to the south coast.....

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