Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Devon Holiday Clovelly Black Church Rock 9 july

Today we are visiting Clovelly , a small beautiful Devon village, and we can stay overnight in the car park tonight before moving on tomorrow.
Its a very steep walk down through the narrow cobbled main street down to the harbour, the sun is out and its very warm.

Half way down, the views are exactly how I remember them.

     All the houses have fabulous window planters and hanging basket displays,  they look fabulous .

Looking down to the harbour , still a fair way to go.   The dogs are getting hot already so they will have to go for a swim when we get down to the bottom, although on lead only allowed.

Down at the harbour now, we have walked down under the houses to come out on the slipway , the water is deep either side so perfect to cool the Terrible Twosome off...………….

                                               Chester is paddling and barking ………..

                                                                          Swim Mol.

           After a short swimming session we are walking around the harbour wall before making our way back up to get Ice crème.

Time to head back up now,   the forecast is looking good for tonight for me to photograph Black Church Rock, which is a 40 minute walk along the coast path.

                                                              A bit bright this house   lol

After a relaxing afternoon and a short walk through the woods , I have left Jan and the dogs, and started the long walk to Black Church Rock,  I should be there about 3/4 hour before sunset, and the tide will be quite high also.
Walking along after the first wood section I have come across this dead tree, with the low sun illuminating the grasses.   But it hasn't really come out as I had hoped.

                              A sea of pink ,  rose bay willow herb brightens up the landscape.

Finally after a long walk through the woods along the cliff edge , and missing the turning I have reached the beach ,  Black Church Rock is a large Arch on the right hand side on the point.  this should be a great feature for the Drone shots.

                                      First a slow ish exposure to show some water movement.
                     1/10 th second  f14  iso100 with a 0.6 soft nd grad for the sky.   5dsr  17-40L

Now time to get the drone up,  half hour to sunset and the light is getting nice, there are a few clouds in the sky which may colour up later.   The tide is now well up, covering all the rock strata that is visible on very low tides.   From the drones view they show up really well , this is a 5 frame vertorama.  The light is great at the moment.

              The rock under the water actually looks like shadows. the light is fading a bit already.

                  Flying a little further away for these 2  images, looking back towards the shore.
                                                              The last of the good light.

The sun is setting fast , now a little light cloud has started to colour up,  flying behind Church Rock to get the colour behind.

        The sun is on the horizon now, the rock in Deep shadow . this image is 5 frames merged.

            Its getting quite dark now, and a bit more colour in the sky reflecting nicely on the sea.
                                                     6 frames merged in this vertorama.

One last image , and now i need to get walking , its a long walk back in the dark through the woods.
luckily i remembered to bring a torch.

                                                       A quick phone shot as i walk back.

The end of a great day …………  where too tomorrow?