Sunday, 13 October 2019

Cornwall Holiday Holywell bay july 13 th

This morning we are walking down to the bay again,  another beautiful sunny morning but still quite windy.  The Terrible Twosome will stay dry today as they have had a lot of swimming recently.

                                                       Bad hair day in this strong wind!

                                                       Look at Chester's wind blown ear!

I have persuaded Jan to walk down with me for sunset , she would have preferred to stay in the van to drink wine , but I said it will do you good to come out for a walk     lol
The sky is looking very threatening, thunder forecast not far away.  but it is definitely moving away from us.

                                  Across the dunes towards the beach ………..

The sun is quite low already , but there is no cloud in the sky so its not going to be a good sunset unfortunately.   But might get some very good light before it sets.

The light is looking really good now, the grasses are starting to turn a beautiful golden colour,  time to get the camera out to shoot some portraits of the Terrible Twosome.

I am going to shoot Mollster first , she is posing nicely in the grasses illuminated by the beautiful warm light .

                                                                    Handsome Chester

                                                                     Beautiful Mollster

               As it turns out, these are the last ever proper images I shot of Mol with the camera.

                                                         RIP   my beautiful girl  27.9.19

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