Thursday, 17 October 2019

Cornwall Holiday Changing Light Bedruthan Sunset July 15 th

A lazy day today, a short walk along the cliffs in the morning, big stormy looking clouds have not produced any rain so that's a bonus .

                                 I have spotted loads of Burnett moths all along the cliff tops.

                                                                       A Gatekeeper.

Its sunset time,   time to get the drone up, the cloud is looking a bit too thick for decent colour, and its fairly dark even before the sun has set.

                 I have just caught the sun as it is just above the horizon reflecting across the sea .

                                              Just about to fall below the horizon now.

                                  Beautiful soft light now, and the sea has a lovely colour.

                                  Great looking clouds in the direction of Newquay right now.

                                                  Another   Vertorama , 5 frames .

There is just a small narrow band of colour on the horizon, pity there is so much thick cloud tonight.

                             There are some big waves rolling in now as the tide is rushing in.

The light is fabulous, strong colour this long after sundown .  and all the photographers that were down on the beach have long gone!

                                                             A quick shot with the dslr .

The end of a fabulous evening shooting...………..

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