Tuesday, 8 October 2019

Cornwall Holiday Holywell bay july 12/13 th

Arriving at Holywell we have decided to drive down to the beach car park and give the dogs a run and swim  before heading up the road to the Crossroads campsite ,  Mol heard the "beach" word, lol .

A couple minutes walk across to the dunes and  the Terrible Twosome are already hunting for the ball.

First view of Gull Rock , always love this view , its fairly windy and with a high tide the sea is quite rough . Plenty of surfers out from the surf school.

                                            Straight into the sea, they do love the water.

The sea is quite rough  so I am keeping the ball fairly close in, don't want a back current taking them out , Chester couldn't get the ball in his mouth and has been dragged out a bit further than is safe.

                                                  The large wave has gone over his head !

                           He has paddled close in now, just as another wave approaches...…..

                                It has actually pushed him right up onto the beach   ….

                                                 Awwww  he looks like a drowned rat!  

                                                                         A Selfi in the sun .

That's it for now,  we will head to the Campsite now and I will head back to the beach for sunset tonight.

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